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    Our solutions are not just dreams. They are solid bridges to the future of technology. We build echo systems and we are good at it. Our cloud thinking process creates unlimited possibilities.
  • Health

    Keeping patient in hospital and monitoring the patient is one of the main functions in nursery. Right after surgery, the patient needs to stay for a day, 2 or even more. We have the tools and means to make this possible without consuming a bed in a busy hospital. We along with the hospital can provide eNurse pack. A well-proven solution that can check the patient blood pressure, sugar, heart rate, temperature and send information to the hospital for continuous diagnoses.
  • Learning

    Rezaam is considered as one of the providers of the most comprehensive, scalable and flexible e-learning solution . Rezaam has many joint-venture with many international leaders in the e-learning industry and it is part of many quality and standards bodies. When we first star working on knowledge jmanagement back in 2001, we were looking at content generation and conversion of the basic classroom training to a virtual classroom that can be taken online or via a CD. At that time, our business consisted of finding the content and doing transformation of that content on text, picture base to animated click-by-click process via our electronic machines. We've encountered many obstacles and we learned a lot from them. Now we are more solid and have more precise definition of knowledge management. Our role in Knowledge Management has been simplified: We have the biggest source of contents, content generators, channels, and platforms. Our job is not selling content or a platform or using a specific channel. Our job is studying customer process and system, recommending the right platform, planning the right content and advising of the right channels to deliver that eLearning experience which aims to deliver best experience, cost effective and time saving learning solutions for everyone, through any means of communication.
  • Utilities

    Utilities are a critical link to improving energy efficiency, integrating renewable sources of energy and addressing climate change. We can add a layer of intelligence to your utility, using the power of information to automate, monitor and control your operations. This includes Smart metering, Asset managements, Power Control and consumer reporting.